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February 15, 2023

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Unboxing a brand new iPhone and setting up your new iPhone is a great feeling in the moment. What isn't a great feeling is paying the $1000 plus for that device. Phone Hero sells used, pre-owned devices at a fraction of the price and we include 6 month warranties with all of our devices that covers any defects that include but are limited to: degraded battery, blacked out display, charging port issues, low speakers and defective microphones. Our team puts every device through a rigorous 21 Point Inspection that confirms full functionality with each device before it leave our store in our customer's hands. This ensures that you are satisfied with your purchase and content with the used device you are getting. Of course, using a new device has it's benefits, but when you can pay $300-$400 less for a slightly used device backed with a warranty, this is the clear choice. A majority of our customers like the idea of buying phones from us outright and not having any sort of payments through their major phone service. We sell fully factory unlocked devices that can be used on any service, anywhere. If you like to pay off your device over time, we have a partnership with Acima which is a leasing company that for just $80 down today, a phone can be yours. You will then have 90 days to pay off the full Phone Hero retail price with no interest or penalties. We pride ourselves on everything we do here and we love putting affordable iPhones into our customer's hands. If you have an old iPhone and want to upgrade to a newer model, we can take your older iPhone on trade in and this will make your new iPhone even more affordable. We will ensure all your information on your old device is transferred thoroughly to your new device so you have no data loss. Stop by our store today at 833 West Gaines Street and see what we have in stock and answer any questions you have. 

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